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Sultan Palace

Visiting yogyakarta palace will provide both valuable and memorable experience. The palace that became the center of an imaginary line connecting parangtritis beach and mount merapi has 2 booth doors. The first in tepas keprajuritan (in front of alun-alun utara), and in tepas tourism (regol keben). If entering from tepas keprajuritan, visitors can only enter bangsal pagelaran and siti hinggil and see a collection of some palace carriages, if entering from tepas pariwisata, then you can enter sri manganti complex and kedhaton where there is bangsal kencono (kencono ward) that is the main hall of the kingdom.


There are many things that can be seen at yogyakarta palace, ranging from the activity of servants in the palace who are doing the job or to see properties collection of the palace. Collections are kept in glass boxes that are spread various rooms ranging from ceramics and glassware, weapons, photographs, miniatures and replicas, to various kinds of batik and its deorama of the making process. Furthermore, tourists can also enjoy the art performances with different schedules each day. The show starts from the human puppet, macapat, puppet show, shadow puppets, and dances. To enjoy art performances, tourists do not need to pay additional costs. If you come on tuesday wage, you can watch jemparingan or archery competition in mataraman style in kemandhungan kidul (south kemandhungan). Jemparingan is conducted for the heritage of sri sultan hb x. The uniqueness of this jemparingan is that every participant must wear javanese traditional clothing and archery in a sitting position.


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