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Hello, My name is Fariz. I am your personal tour driver companion in Jogja. I organize tour for solo traveler, families and for group tour as well. I am english speaking driver in Jogja, the sort name of Yogyakarta. My priority is to drive safely incorporate with comfortable journey and effectiveness time during your tour. I have many experiences in driving with many tourist from many countries.

Official name of Jogja based on Mataram Kingdom history is Ngayogyakarto. Jogja or Yogya or Yogyakarta has been through so many era that is always changing and still stand for their culture untill now. Mataram Kingdom itself got their metamorfed from Hindu’s Dinasty into Kasultanan Mataram Islam since the fisrt king Panembahan Senopati moved his Palace from Solo to Jogja. You will find so many acculturation places between Hindu and Islam that is so interesting to visit. Most of ancient architecture of Jogja are designed by old Mataram Hindu, but their culture and way of life is mixed between Hindu and Islam.

Part of Jogja will bring you back to the 8Th century of the world glorious. Jogja natures also worthy to visit. In the north of Jogja stand the most active volcano in Java. What you will find in the east is a lot of more interesting. So, don’t be hesitate to ask for your tour, i will inform you as detail as possible for the tour. I love to make a discuss with you to arrange your tour. I will do my best to make your tour memorable.

In bussiness i put honest, in service i put smile, in tour i put fun.

See You in Jogja !

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