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August, 2017

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Sultan Palace

Visiting yogyakarta palace will provide both valuable and memorable experience. The palace that became the center of an imaginary line connecting parangtritis beach and mount merapi has 2 booth doors. The first in tepas keprajuritan (in front of alun-alun utara), and in tepas tourism (regol keben). If entering from tepasRead More …

Mendut Temple

Built around early ninth century ad, candi mendut is the oldest of the three temples including pawon and borobudur. According to the karangtengah inscription, the temple was built and finished during the reign of king indra of sailendra dynasty.   The still standing temple was originally merely one building inRead More …

Ratu Boko Palace

Ratu boko palace complex is located on a plateau, south of prambanan temple in the province of yogyakarta, indonesia. To get to the ratu boko palace, take the minor road from prambanan towards piyungan for less than half an hour and you will easily find the palace complex.   RatuRead More …

Timang Beach

Everyone knows that the gunungkidul region is home to the most beautiful beaches of yogyakarta, including the timang beach, which is located 35 kilometres south of wonosari. It exhibits a fulfilling sight of white waves crashing into coral stones and cliffs. Visitors can test their courage by crossing onto watuRead More …